Development At NextSun Energy, our customer-oriented approach guarantees that our in-house development is carried out with integrity, creating maximum lease payments for our hosts at the lowest possible cost of energy. These pre-construction activities help us to craft the most advantageous projects for our partners, investors and site hosts. The development stages of our solar facilities include: Site Assessment and Feasibility Analysis Permitting Interconnection Studies Savings Analysis Financing Site Assessment Our detailed site assessment process helps us to determine which locations on a property are best suited to host solar arrays. The site assessment process includes an in-person visit, a thorough evaluation of rooftops, parking areas, and any additional available land to host new solar systems. Typical considerations during the site assessment process include: - Southern exposure of the site to sun over the course of the year. This includes seasonal weather patterns, sun shading, and specific terrain characteristics (i.e. slope of terrain, soil conditions, etc.) - Availability of sufficient land suitable for housing solar arrays - Proximity of utility distribution lines and substations for interconnection - Access to public road - Sensitivity analysis of environmental considerations, including the presence of wetlands, floodplains, contamination, and/or endangered species - Local, state, and federal permitting requirements Permitting Permits are required from local, state, and sometimes federal agencies for solar development and environmental considerations, as well as typical building and electrical code permits. NextSun Energy determines what permits are necessary and creates a critical pathway to obtain all necessary permits in a timely fashion. The NextSun team takes pride in our relationships with local stakeholders making sure to provide positive solar projects for the whole community. Interconnection Studies NextSun Energy conducts in-depth medium voltage engineering studies to confirm that the local grid is capable of accepting the additional electricity generated. After signing lease agreements, NextSun Energy begins the formal interconnection application process with the local electric utility to enable the new generation asset can interconnect safely and reliably into the distribution or sub-transmission grid. NextSun is active in state and national codes and standards activities to ensure each project is built to the most rigorous engineering best practices. Savings Analysis Based on our energy consumption analysis, site assessment, permitting and interconnection considerations, we put together a comprehensive NextSun Savings Analysis to show our customers exactly how much they can expect to save over the 25 year life of our solar systems. This is a key part to any project's financing options and necessary in order to generate a complete financial savings plan and return on investment analysis for each of our investors and customers. Financing: Own, Lease & Power Purchase Agreements New solar energy projects require ownership, a signed solar lease or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA. NextSun Energy works closely with each of our clients to understand their individual needs, limitations and financing options.